Out of the Box DVD

Out of the Box

Out of the Box

Howard Levy’s long- awaited “Harmonica Out of the Box,Vol.1” is finally here! Howard performs and explains 12 new original compositions, each in a different key, all on ONE diatonic harmonica in the Key of C! The music is in many styles- Blues, Jazz, Swing, Tango, Funk, East Indian classical, Klezmer, and Flamenco. Howard plays the tunes and improvises on each one, to the accompaniment of stellar guitarist Chris Siebold, and percussionist Miles Levy. There is an explanation for each piece- how it was written, how to improvise on it, etc.  There are lead sheets, as well as mix minus versions of 7 of them. The dvd is a full 90 minutes in length.

Howard LevyHoward and Chris Siebold

Howard and Miles

The Trio

The material on this cd is all totally new, and does not revisit any of the material from Howard’s “New Directions For Harmonica” dvd from 1992.

At the film shoot, Howard also recorded another entire dvd of teaching material, including:

  1. scales, arpeggios, blues and jazz licks in all 12 keys
  2. a clinic on tuning and adjusting your harmonica
  3. bending and overblowing in tune
  4. rhythmic breathing rudiments, and much more.