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Happy New Years 2016

Hi Everyone.
As usual, the calendar year reaches the 365th day and suddenly we are told that it’s over, it’s all over. Well…it’s really not. It’s more like swimming laps. We have reached the end of the pool, we make that turn and start back the other way. It’s something of a cyclic thing, or a moebius strip, with no real beginning or end. Like the ancient 2- headed Roman god Janus, we look backward AND forward, and somehow we (humanity) have decided that THIS particular time is the time to do that. So I will join the crowd waiting for the ball to drop and the fireworks to go off, and I’ll join in the festivities, whatever it actually means.

And luckily for me, I’ll join it by playing music for people right here in my adapted home town of Evanston, IL, where I feel particularly lucky to live- First Night with Acoustic Express!

I look forward to another year of continued musical growth and deepening friendships. February 14 I will perform my harmonica concerto with the Evanston Symphony Orchestra. This means so much to me…I can’t put a value on it. And it is just one of the many exciting things coming in 2016. There is a Flecktones tour from June 2-16, Trio Globo returns to The Green Mill July 2, in August I play my concerto in Taipei, and- WAIT!!!!

Isn’t this supposed to be about what happened in 2015? Well, thanks to Facebook and, a lot of you already know all that. But I suppose I have to rehash it on the day that we have arbitrarily picked as the place where the ants START their moebius lap. Well…okay- here are a few highlights from 2015.

The JEN Convention in San Diego, where I presented a clinic on my take on John Coltrane’s Giant Steps. I had a wonderful time doing this, as well as sitting in at the Latin Jazz Jam, reconnecting with Ignacio Berroa, Steve Bailey, Mike Mossman, and many others.

A great time teaching harmonica for a week at JP Allen’s Kauai Harmonica Retreat and playing a concert with my cousin Steve Dubey’s Latin Jazz group “Rumba de Fuego”. After that I flew to Perth, Australia to visit my daughter and son-in-law and played a great gig with The Graham Wood Trio at The Ellington Jazz Club.

A great gig with German bass clarinetist/composer Michael Riessler at UNC in Chapel Hill, NC. Prairie Home Companion at Town Hall in NYC, 2 fantastic concerts with Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic and Trio Globo (!).

A wonderful night at 27 Live, Steve Rashid’s concert venue in Evanston, with Larry Gray and my son Miles Levy playing music from our “First Takes” CD, Prairie Home Companion at Ravinia, another trip to Hawaii to play Ken Burgmaier’s Big Island Jazz Festival with people like Bobby Watson and Steve Turre, 3 nights playing David Isenberg’s mini- festival in Woods Hole, MA- solo, with Meg Ruby, and with Eugene Friesen- and oh yes- I bought my house….

A wonderful Acoustic Express concert at St. Augustine’s Church in Wilmette, IL, a soulful church service in Hyde Park with Stu Mindeman and Josh Ramos, a great duo concert at the Glen Ellyn Jazz Fest with Chris Siebold, and finally- a trip to Hong Kong and Seoul, Korea. I performed my harmonica concerto in both cities and played a bunch of other things as well. I met so many great people- it was a mind- opening experience.

Then in August I played SPAH in Denver, the Niwot Jazz Fest thanks to meeting Brad Goode at JEN back in January. I got to perform with an excellent quartet and the great Colorado Big Band. Then a very cool week- long recording session with bassist Don Falzone and drummer Alvester Garnett in Northern California, followed by a private concert near Vail, Colorado and then The Vail Jazz Festival, where I was privileged to play with a Who’s Who of Jazz musicians. This was a total treat for me, even at the high altitude.

Next came my annual playing for Aitz Hayim’s Jewish High Holiday services with my son Miles. This year we added Larry Gray on bass. It was wonderful- I hope we can reprise it next year. And a special added guest was my father Ira Levy, who flew up from Florida with my mom Arlene. He sang 4 songs in his magnificent bass baritone voice and lifted the roof of the Weingert JCC at least several inches…

Right after this I went to China for 2 weeks with Trio Globo. This was one of the highlights of the last TEN years. Thanks to my new manager Brian Horner and the CAEG agency, we played in 8 cities and were treated royally. I can’t describe how great it felt to play music there with Glen and Gene, how lucky we were to have Les Kahn with us doing sound, as well as our fantastic tour guide/translator Yu Pei (Sarah) from CAEG. I hope to go back soon.

Right after this, I played 3 days at Coastal Carolina Un. in Myrtle Beach,SC with the great bassist Steve Bailey and the CCU Big Band led by Matt White. We gave workshops, played a bunch, and presented the World Premiere of my 3 part Suite for Harmonica and Big Band. This was a thrill. The music was arranged by Scott Routenberg, who did a fantastic job interpreting and orchestrating my ideas while adding some of his own.

After this I did a short tour in Europe booked by my German agent Raymond Kast- solo concerts in Ulm and Budapest and a duo with organist Mattias Grünert in Klingenthal playing an all – Bach program. I hope that we can record a CD of this next year.

Next I performed and did a presentation at the Cymatics Conference in Atlanta, GA. This was through the good graces of my friend Jeff Volk and the wonderful Mandara Cromwell, who heads up this magnificent organization. I also got to visit my sister and her family, which is always a joy.

Then a smoking weekend at The Green Mill with the great Cuban drummer Ignacio Berroa, Victor Garcia; tpt, Rich Moore; sax, and Patrick Mulcahy; bass. Latin Jazz is a loose description of what went on. I sure hope that we do this again. Next- a wonderful Chévere concert at Governor’s State U. with the added treat of 4 great dancers led by Laura Riebok, who choreographed 4 of our tunes. After this, a show with Steely Dan Tribute Band Deacon Blues featuring Bernard Purdie at The Arcata in St. Charles, IL.

Then the annual Harry Shearer/Judith Owen Holiday show with my friend the great CJ Vanston as music director. This is a star- studded cosmic event that comes once a year to The SPACE in Evanston. I hope they ask me back.

And last- I played a Hanukkah/Shabbat service/concert for Aitz Hayim at NSCI in Glencoe with my dear friends Cantor David Landau, Rabbi Ayalon Eliach, Marc Slutsky et al. A great last gig for 2015 leaving me plenty of time to spend with Fox, and my visiting daughter and son in law. And tonight- First Night. So let’s ring a ding ding and all the best to all,

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Outer Banks Harmonica Workshop

Sydney Concert/Workshop-August 11-12th

Melbourne Concert/Workshop-August 9-10th

Howard Levy August 9-Rosstown Hotel from 6pm 1084 Dandenog Rd, CARNEGIE Workshop August 10th – 7:30pm Diatonic Workshop – $25 Michael Timler from Hohner Germany will give a workshop on repair and maintenance.  Cost is $20. Attend both for $40

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2012 Grammy-Best Instrumental Composition!

AND THE WINNER IS!!!! Life In Eleven Béla Fleck & Howard Levy, composers (Béla Fleck & The Flecktones) Track from: Rocket Science [eOne Music]

Howard with The Flecktones

Perhaps the highlight of the concert came from harmonica player and pianist Howard Levy, whose furious playing on the harmonica pushed an instrument just about everybody has stowed away in their homes to limits most people are unaware that the harmonica can reach. Smithtown Patch, Stony Brook, NY Nov. 2011.

Howard Levy with The Flecktones

Levy is almost certainly the most talented person on Earth who can play piano and harmonica, even playing both simultaneously at some points in the show. While his intense mouth harp skills floated a unique timbre over many songs, his abilities at the piano were truly amazing – between cascading arpeggios and quicksilver trills, he […]

Howard plays Albany, NY with The Flecktones

Sunday marked the Albany return of prodigal harmonica master-pianist Howard Levy, a founding member of the band who left the fold in 1992 and returned only recently. His haunting spotlight number toward the end of the first set was magnificent, slowly morphing into a mournful variation on Woody Guthrie’s anthemic “This Land Is Your Land.” During his […]

Flecktones on Jimmy Fallon

Don’t forget the original Flecktones lineup is on tour. They stopped by Jimmy Fallon, Nov 14th and played some Flying Saucer Dudes.

The Original Flecktones

In case you haven’t heard, Howard is on the road with Bela Fleck and …The Original Flecktones. In support of the new album, Rocket Science, Bela and crew have hit the road and are on their way to a town near you. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch the original line up with new songs […]

Howard Levy Interview

Howard discusses Balkan Samba in this interview.

Howard Levy’s Tonight and Tomorrow is on Nomination Ballot

“To all Grammy Award Voting Members; for your consideration, “Tonight and Tomorrow” by Howard Levy is on the Nominating Ballot in the Best Jazz Instrumental Album category. Howard Levy’s solo on “Flunky Jazz” is on the Nominating Ballot in the Best Improvised Solo category.”

Howard Levy’s Acceptance of the Bernie Bray Award at SPAH 2010

Tonight and Tomorrow review

A great new review about Howard’s new CD, Tonight and Tomorrow. Tonight and Tomorrow Howard Levy | Chicago Sessions By Matthew Warnock Tonight and Tomorrow is an intellectually stimulating and highly enjoyable album by virtuoso harmonicist Howard Levy. Featured on both harmonica and piano, even performing both simultaneously on “Sandi,” Levy and his trio–bassist Larry […]

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Howard Levy’s new Harmonica School

New Website, New Recordings, and…New Online Harmonica School We are pleased to announce lots of growth around Levyland. Howard has been very busy this year and hopefully you’ve been able to see him with the Flecktones again or picked up Alone and Together. For all the players out there we invite you to check out […]

Newest recordings

Tonight and Together – Chicago Sessions Time Capsules – Acoustic Express Alone and Together – Solos, Duets, and Quartets

Outer Banks Intensive

Oct. 16- 18, 200912:00 pmHoward Levy Harmonica Intensive!For the 4th consecutive year…This annual event returns to The Outer Banks of North Carolina.It has drawn harmonica players from around the world. For a full description, go to and click on Music Intensives

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A new review on Chevere is out. It also has some great photos of the band.

Chicago Sessions

Here’s a great article on the Chicago Sessions label by Ruth Sze for Chicago Jazz Magazine

Straits Times of Singapore

Here’s an article on Howard from Straits Times of Singapore.

New Balkan Samba site

New website for Howard’s label with a new recording by Norman Savitt

Howard on NPR’s All Things Considered

Howard was featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered” January 25 Listen to the full interview

New Balkan Samba site

January 2009Howard was featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered” January 25 Listen to the full interview New website for Howard’s label with a new recording by Norman Savitt

Diverse music experiences

This year has been an extraordinarily diverse musical experience so far. Here are some, but not all, of the highlights from the first half: 2 trips to Mexico to play private parties and concerts with the great Jewish Cantor and singer extraordinaire, Alberto Mizrahi. Performing my Harmonica Concerto, music of Bartok, Piazzola, etc with the […]

Latest events

Howard has been really busy with a lot of different things. November included a European tour with the Riessler, Levy, Matinier Trio, right off the plane from Frankfurt to play with the fantastic Django Reinhardt Festival band at Birdland in NY. Then down to Florida to record 3 tracks for a cd with composer/pianist Scott […]

Videos, Videos, Videos

We have launched a new Video page for your enjoyment. Over time we will add new vintage clips and new footage as it is captured. You can keep updated here and via Howard’s new MySpace page .

John Frigo, Steely Dan, Flecktones and more

It has been an eventful few weeks. Some great things, and one very sad one. After a lifetime of bringing joy to people through his music, art, and poetry, the great jazz violinist John Frigo passed away at the age of 90 on July 4. He was a dear friend and musical co-conspirator, and I will be posting a […]

Latest events

The last few weeks have been very intense. In a short period of time, I played concerts with 3 artists whose cd’s I played on- Matt Geraghty, Siora, and Kurt Elling- in New York, Quito, Ecuador, and Chicago. With Matt and Siora, I played full concerts, which meant intense rehearsing and learning of repertoire. With […]

National Harmonica League

On Feb 8, 2007, Howard played a concert in Richmond, England, with a trio of excellent English Jazz musicians. The concert was sponsored by the National Harmonica League, which featured Howard on the cover of their magazine, Harmonica Brad Walseth wrote a review of Chevere for Jazz Chicago available here Interview with Howard Levy […]

Latest activities

Recording activities in the last few months: Howard recorded harmonica on 2 tracks of a cd by French harmonica player David Herzhaft. Harmonica on 2 tracks on Alan Jackson’w new cd, “Red Like a Rose”, produced by Alison Krause in Nashville. One song for New York singer/songwriter Stacey Wilde, 5 tunes for Chicago singer/songwriter Ernie Hendrickson. […]

June 10, 2006 For those of you who wonder what I’ve been up to recently- I wrote 9 new compositions for a new harmonica instructional video filmed at my house by my webmaster Chris Sampson with filmmaker Otis (blanked on Otis’ last name). They are in 9 keys, and I played them on a C […]

Jazz Journalists Award

Howard has been nominated for a Jazz Journalists Award in a category with so many words that we will make it into an acronym “POTYOIRIJ”. $25 for anyone who can figure it out. Just kidding- it’s “Player of the Year of Instruments Rare in Jazz.” You can check it out at

New projects

Howard will teach Harmonica, Odd Time Meter Improvisation, and Piano at The Outer Banks Harmonica Intensive in a beautiful setting on the Atlantic coast of North Carolina. This is part of what actually is a Trio Globo Music Insitute. Eugene Friesen and Glen Velez, both superb teachers, will also be teaching classes, and Trio Globo […]

New Balkan Samba releases

I have finished 3 important recording projects. The first, “Cappuccino”, is a cd I recorded with my fiancée, Chicago Symphony violinist Fox Fehling. It will be coming out in January of 2005, and is the first cd on Balkan Samba Records. On it, we play 3 movements from Mozart Violin and Piano Sonatas, a fiddle […]

New Paul Reisler CD

Howard is featured on a new cd, “At Night The Roses Tango” by Paul Reisler, also featuring singer/songwriter Angela Kaset. It is available through

Touching emotional events

Recently I was priviledged to play for two very touching and worthwhile events in two days. The first, Halliestock, took place in Queens,NY on Saturday, Sept. 18. The second, a gathering in memory of Steve Goodman, was the following evening on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. Halliestock was an all-day celebration of the life of Hallie […]

Summer 2004

I arranged, engineered, and played on a project for Bonnie Koloc, 13 songs about animals, a modern bestiary. The cd will be packaged with a book of woodcuts by Bonnie. The songs are unique and beautiful, set like modern chamber music. The instrumentation includes bass, cello, accordian, sax, flute, piano, harmonica, guitar, and mandolin. The […]

New Releases

Howard appears prominently on both harmonica and piano (on 13 tracks) on Bonnie Koloc’s “Timeless”, a new double cd containing mostly live tracks from 30 years of stellar performances with many different musicians. This cd is available at, is her first real album since “With You on my Side” in 1987, and is a […]

Molinaro-Levy Project in Downbeat

The Molinaro-Levy Project in DownBeat. Look for a story on the duo in the February issue.

Trio Globo new management

Trio Globo has new representation. Margie Farmer ( will be booking the band. The Trio will be playing showcases at the APAP convention at The New York Hilton on W. 54 St on Jan. 11 and 12, sharing the space with Margie’s roster of artists. Anthony Molinaro will play showcases there as well, both as […]

Acoustic Express

Howard announces new project-Howard Levy’s Acoustic Express

New CD with Anthony Molinaro

The New CD featuring Howard Levy and Anthony Molinaro is now available on nineteeneight recordsmore info…

Upcoming tours and concerts

A dose of good dates are coming up for 2002, including tours with Rabih Abou-Khalil, and Michael Riessler and JL Matinier, and another performance of Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica

Concert announcements

Howard has some new concerts posted, including a concert of Indian music with Howard, John Wubbenhorst, bansuri, Homayun Khan, vocalist, and Anil Datar, tabla, on November 30th. Howard performs his Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica and Orchestra on December 16th. calendar

September 13, 2001

The remainder of the tour with Sandip and Friends has been cancelled due to the tragedy in our country. The shows had been going very well, but the transportation shutdown and the general mood required the cancellations to occur. We apologize to those who didn’t get to see the remainder of the shows. Our hearts […]

Classical Howard and a little more

Classical Howard and a little more-Hard to find Howard clips and clips from never before released material debuts here on Audio clips include exerpts from Harmonia Mundi, Concerto for Harmonica, Aitz Hayim services, and rare jewels from hard to find recordings. Take a listen

Texas concert and workshop

Howard will be headed to Texas for a concert with long time friends Glen Velez and Steve Gorn. The three of them will give workshops earlier in the day.

Tour announcement

We announce the tour dates for Howard’s outing with Sandip Burman, Jerry Goodman, Victor Bailey, Steve Smith, and David Pietro, Randy Brecker and Paul Bollenback. For more info see the calendar

Recent projects

Recent recording projects include: Two tracks on a cd of Stevie Wonder tunes by Chicago bandleader Ken Arlen. A session in Milwaukee with sitarist Debu Chaudhury and tabla player Sandip Burman. Howard recorded 4 tunes with the wonderful Jazz vocalist/bass player Eldee Young. They were produced and arranged by Marshall Vente for two separate projects […]

Aytz Hayim Services

Projects page updated with information on Howard’s participation in Aytz Hayim Services in the Chicago area.

Song of Rivers

Schedule updated, information on the Neon Street Programs for Homeless Youth Now available – Song of Rivers, with Trio Globo and special guest Chuck Loeb on guitar. This cd features the compositions of Eugene Friesen, and is dedicated to preserving our nation’s rivers. For those of you who want to hear new Trio Globo material, order […]

The new Website!

The launching of is official. It’s been a lot of fun working with Chris Sampson on the site. There will be tons of things coming in the next few months including detailed information on new projects, audio clips for as many recordings as we can possibly fit in. In time there will be interactive […]