Chévere – Secret Dream

Secret Dream
Chévere de Chicago
Balkan Samba Records
The long-awaited Chévere CD entitled “Secret Dream” after the tune by Ernie Denov. Half of the music was recorded in 1993 and the other half in 2003.

1. Info
2. Secret Dream
3. El Cojo
4. Maria Cristina
5. Guajira en Las Pampas
6. Elegua/Rumba Chévere
7. Dolphin Dance
8. The Beauty Around Us
9. Telegram of Love
10. Pucho’s Pretzels
11. Elis Regina Medely -Pt 1 Valsa Rancho
12. Pt. 2 Ou Bola Ou Bulica


Alejo Poveda drums, percussion, vocals, hamotzi
Howard Levy piano, harmonica, Fender Rhodes – (Track 8)
Chris Cameron Hammond BV Organ, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Mini Moog, Memory Moog, Micro Moog
Ernie Denov electric guitar
Steve Eisen tenor and soprano saxes, flute and percussion
Mark Ohlsen trumpet and flugelhorn
Eric Hochberg electric bass, electric fretless bass (El Cojo), upright bass (Guajira)
Ruben Alvarez timbales, bongos, percussion, and vocals (lead on Elegua/Rumba Chévere
Joe Rendon congas, percussion, and vocals
Geraldo DeOliveira pandeiro on Track 11 and 8

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