Trio Globo emerges as a totally original voice in contemporary acoustic jazz. With rhythmic influences derived from travels in six continents, Trio Globo has a combustible spontaneity rooted in jazz, classical and sacred music. Grammy award-winning cellist Eugene Friesen, harmonica virtuoso and pianist Howard Levy (formerly of The Flecktones), and world-renowned percussionist Glen Velez are true originals reinventing their instruments in new music which is both personal and global. Recent performances include the Rochester International Jazz Festival, and concerts in Carmel and Lodi, California.

“Eugene, Howard and Glen are magnificent players with distinct musical voices. Together they have a wonderful, inventive new sound and offer a unique vision of the world of music.”         Dave Brubeck

“a magical journey into a world of extraordinary sounds and bewitching rhythmic vitality.”  Lyn Bronson, Peninsula Reviews. Read the entire review here.

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Howard A and THoward has been performing as a solo artist for more than 30 years for audiences worldwide.  He moves freely between piano and harmonica, sometimes playing both simultaneously.   His repertoire features original compositions reflecting the full range of Howard’s influences:  Latin, Jazz, World Music, Classical, Folk and more.

“…certainly the most talented person on Earth who can play piano and harmonica, even playing both simultaneously at some points in the show…his abilities at the piano were truly amazing – between cascading arpeggios and quicksilver trills, he evoked a musical character halfway between Jerry Lee Lewis and Franz        Liszt.”  The Daily Collegian, Northampton, MA

“Perhaps the highlight of the concert came from harmonica player and pianist Howard Levy, whose furious playing on the harmonica pushed an instrument just about everybody has stowed away in their homes to limits most people are unaware that the harmonica can reach.”   Smithtown Patch, Stony Brook, NY

For US booking, contact David Koppel.

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DSC_8451 BWHoward Levy’s harmonica and piano playing along with Chris Siebold’s masterful resonator guitar work (plus his singing on a few numbers) covers a wide variety of music: jazz, blues, pop classical and original compositions that transcend genre or category.   The duo, which celebrates Howard and Chris’ spirit of adventure and improvisation, has performed to great acclaim in venues in the US, Europe and South America.

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For US booking, contact David Koppel.

For European booking, contact Raimund Kast.

Howard has been collaborating with Naumberg Award-winning pianist Anthony Molinaro for over 10 years.  They have toured extensively in the US and Europe giving electrifying performances that showcase both musicians’ technical and compositional brilliance. Their first CD, “The Molinaro /Levy Project-Live” was recorded live at The Green Mill in Chicago and at 2 colleges in New York State. The CD is available online from  This is Anthony’s record label, named after one of the pieces on the cd, “Nineteen-Eight”, which, appropriately, is in 19/8 time.”The individual and collective playing here is at one of the highest human levels possible and suggests an ensemble much larger than a duo.

The repertoire is ranges far and wide, from Miles’ “All Blues” and Bird’s “Donna Lee” to Gershwin’s “Prelude #2” and “Summertime” and Duke’s “Mood Indigo” (check out Howard’ use of the mute that approximates a trombone) and, of course, original compositions. Molinaro’s “19/8” will keep your foot tapping although the casual listener will work hard to find the downbeat–but it does not matter, this is wonderful music. Howard introduces “All Blues” as if he were at a barndance in the 1800’s and his “Amazonas” leads us through a variety of musical moods that could have only been composed in our lifetime.”  Jazz Institute of Chicago

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Taking its shape from the famous acoustic swing bands featuring Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, this quartet features Howard on harmonica with two guitarists: Chris Siebold and Pat Fleming, and Larry Kohut on bass. It’s all Acoustic- no amps, sometimes no monitor speakers or PA.The Players and Their Instruments Pat and Chris both use National Steel or Dobro-type guitars with steel resonators embedded in the top.Together, the two guitarists achieve a unique sonic blend. Larry (one of the most in-demand bassists in Chicago who tours with artists like Kenny Werner, Lynne Arriale, and Vinnie Colaiuta) plays acoustic bass. Howard, of course, plays harmonica, piano and occasional hand percussion.The Music Stylistically, the music ranges from early Jazz and swing tunes like “Nuages”, “Lady be Good”, and Jelly Roll Morton’s “Sidewalk Blues”, through Delta Blues, Beatles and Dylan tunes, Eastern European and Middle Eastern music, Yiddish Songs, Bluegrass, Brasilian music- no stylistic limits, but always unity of sound. There are some original compositions as well, and all four musicians are featured as soloists.“Each subsequent piece took Levy and Acoustic Express into another stylistic realm, from the exotic Macedonian scales and time signature of “Jovano Jovanke” to the Brazilian undulations of “Carinhoso” to solo excerpts of Levy’s Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica and Orchestra. If “Howard’s Rag” more closely suggested a hoedown, the misnomer did not diminish the joyous, bluegrass-tinged, all-American high spirits of Levy’s work.”Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune. Read the entire review here.
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Chévere is Chicago’s leading Latin/Jazz/Funk/Blues Band, mixing Afro- Cuban, Brasilian, Jazz, Blues, and just about everything else together into an exciting and unique collage of sound.  Characterized by high- voltage percussion and compelling original compositions, Cheveré has performed in and around Chicago and the Midwest for over 20 years.The band has played many large outdoor festivals, including several appearances at The Chicago Jazz Festival and Summerfest. The core of the band has stayed together for over 20 years, giving the band an almost telepathic ability to interact spontaneously onstage. The band has an impressive array of virtuosic melodic soloists, and the percussion section, deeply rooted in traditional folklore and religious music from Cuba, the Carribean, and Brazil, is heavily featured on almost every tune.
Visit the official Chévere Website here.For Booking contact Alfred Ticoalu


This trio of  Contrabass Clarinet, Piano/Harmonica, and Accordion grew out of Michael Riessler’s “Momentum Mobile” for SWF in Baden Baden, Germany in the mid 1990’s.  The trio performs music composed by all three band members, plus free improvisations- individual, duo, and trio. Their CD Silver and Black was recorded for the German record label Enja.  Find out more here.They tour extensively throughout Europe, and have appeared often on German radio.For bookings, Dr. Raimund Kast.
Watch a video of highlights of their live recording from the Stadthaus in Ulm, Germany.


concertopic Howard Levy – Virtuoso performer on the diatonic harmonica, composer & interpreter of orchestral works. Already at home playing numerous styles, including jazz, folk and world music from Latin America to the Balkan Peninsula, his musicianship is further demonstrated in his classical repertoire which includes:Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica and Orchestra by Howard Levy, 2001. Howard has performed the concerto with orchestras including The Czech National Symphony,  The Nashville Chamber Orchestra, The Illinois Philharmonic, The Chicago Sinfonietta, The Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano, and the Hohner Accordion Orchestra 1927.Listen to samples of the Concerto here.Harmonia Mundi Chamber Suite by Howard Levy, 1995  Click here for samples.Balkanamerican Harmonica Suite by Bobbi Fischer, 2013  

Rumanian Folk Dances by Béla Bartok

Five Tango Sensations by Astor Piazzolla

For more on Howard’s classical repertoire, download his one-sheet PDF.

For US bookings, email David Koppel

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