2012 Grammy-Best Instrumental Composition!


Life In Eleven
Béla Fleck & Howard Levy, composers (Béla Fleck & The Flecktones)
Track from: Rocket Science
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Howard with The Flecktones

Perhaps the highlight of the concert came from harmonica player and pianist Howard Levy, whose furious playing on the harmonica pushed an instrument just about everybody has stowed away in their homes to limits most people are unaware that the harmonica can reach.

Smithtown Patch, Stony Brook, NY

Nov. 2011.

Howard Levy with The Flecktones

Levy is almost certainly the most talented person on Earth who can play piano and harmonica, even playing both simultaneously at some points in the show. While his intense mouth harp skills floated a unique timbre over many songs, his abilities at the piano were truly amazing – between cascading arpeggios and quicksilver trills, he evoked a musical character halfway between Jerry Lee Lewis and Franz Liszt.

The Daily Collegian, Northampton, MA

Nov. 2011

Howard plays Albany, NY with The Flecktones

Sunday marked the Albany return of prodigal harmonica master-pianist Howard Levy, a founding member of the band who left the fold in 1992 and returned only recently. His haunting spotlight number toward the end of the first set was magnificent, slowly morphing into a mournful variation on Woody Guthrie’s anthemic “This Land Is Your Land.” During his solo in “Blu-Bop,” he slid into a variety of musical quotations stretching from the Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” to “Something’s Coming” from “West Side Story.”

Abany Times Union, Albany,NY Nov, 2011