Reflections on New Year

Well, 2009 was quite a year. It ended softly- no big New Year’s Eve concert- but I did make a lot of noise for most of it. There was the Flecktones’ reunion tour, the release of FIVE new cd’s- Alone and Together and Time Capsules (on Balkan Samba), The Riessler/Levy/Matiner Trio’s Silver and Black (on Enja), Tonight and Tomorrow (on Chicago Sessions), and Unfolding with Saffron Caravan members Kiu Haghighi (santur) and Latin percussionist Jean LeRoi.
There were memorable concerts with: Alberto Mizrahi (Quebec), Jeremy Monteiro (Singapore), Steve Bailey/Jeff Sipe, Trio Globo, Chris Siebold, Mark Nauseef and Miroslav Tadic (Bulgaria), Anthony Molinaro, and Andrew Tecson. I performed my harmonica concerto in Trossingen with the Hohner Accordion Orchestra, played on “A Prairie Home Companion” again, and did concerts with Pat Donohue, Rich Dworsky, Corky Siegel, etc, etc- incredible variety. I thank my lucky stars that I am fortunate enough to play in all these settings and have such a rich and varied musical life.
And of course, the opening of The Howard Levy Harmonica School, a major undertaking with the folks from Artist Works. This is a very exciting new online entity. An important person in all of this has been my new assistant, Bob Kessler, who designed the Balkan Samba cd packages and is my right-hand man for the Harmonica School as well.
There is much more to come in 2010- a new Trio Globo cd on Stonecutter Records (!), more live and recorded collaborations, concerts with Chevere, Fox Fehling, Trio Globo, and some surprises, too. So stay tuned. Thanks for your support, interest, and good will. Please stay in touch. I wish all of you peace, prosperity, and good health for 2010Best Wishes,Howard

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