New Balkan Samba releases

I have finished 3 important recording projects. The first, “Cappuccino”, is a cd I recorded with my fiancée, Chicago Symphony violinist Fox Fehling. It will be coming out in January of 2005, and is the first cd on Balkan Samba Records. On it, we play 3 movements from Mozart Violin and Piano Sonatas, a fiddle tune, some Jazz, and 4 of my compositions.

The second is another duo cd with guitarist/singer/composer Paul Sprawl. It will be a joint release on Balkan Samba/Vagabond, and will be out by late January. This is a very bluesy and eclectic cd. It is also my recorded vocal debut.
Both of these cd’s were recorded at my home studio. The Levy/Fehling cd was mixed and mastered here. The Levy/Sprawl cd was mixed and mastered at Sutton Sound in Atascadero, CA.

Also coming out in late January, is the 3rd project, the long –awaited Cheveré cd. Entitled “Secret Dream” after the tune by Ernie Denov, this is the 3rd release on Balkan Samba. Half of the music was recorded in 1993 and the other half in 2003. I have played in this band since 1979, and composed much of the music. We have recorded at least 4 other times in the studio, but this will be the first material to be released.

In June of 2004, I performed and recorded my Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica and Orchestra with The Czech National Symphony. I will be mixing it in Prague in February. Other recorded events and cd’s in 2004:

I produced “A Bestiary” for Bonnie Koloc (recorded and mixed at my studio, Levyland) performed on PBS’s “Soundstage” with Cyndi Lauper, recorded 2 shows for BET’s “Studio Jams”, appeared 3 times on A Prairie Home Companion, and recorded tracks for Paul Asbell, Ken Ramm and Euphoria, Alberto Mizrahi, Michael Manson, Butch Stewart, Phil Roy, Taylor Mesplé (Song for Autumn), Christie McKreary (Akimbo), Lenny Capp, , Rick Peregoy, and others.

Wishing all of you a happy, productive, and peaceful 2005.Howard Levy

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