Summer 2004

I arranged, engineered, and played on a project for Bonnie Koloc, 13 songs about animals, a modern bestiary. The cd will be packaged with a book of woodcuts by Bonnie. The songs are unique and beautiful, set like modern chamber music. The instrumentation includes bass, cello, accordian, sax, flute, piano, harmonica, guitar, and mandolin. The recording was made in my house, a great place to record acoustic instruments. The Bestiary should be available soon at

I had the great pleasure of recording with the wonderful Indonesian band Krakatau at Steve Ford Studios in Chicago in June. Alfred Ticoalu, who runs john frigo’s website, introduced me to them. I played harmonica on several tunes. Their music is a true fusion of Indonesian and Western styles. As I have been an avid fan of Javanese and Balinese music for 30 years, it was a thrill for me to play with a gamelan gong, suling, rebab, and other instruments. Then we played a free improvisation that crossed just about every musical boundary. I look forward with great anticipation to the release of this cd. If you’re interested in hearing them, check out their cd “Magical Match”.

Also in June, I played for the BET show Studio Jams with guitarist Dominick Miller, bassist Doug Wimbish, drummer Will Calhoun, keyboardist Nick Pappas, and percussionist Emedin Rivera. We played 4 tunes of Dominick’s and one of mine. Then, the highlight for me was a free improv where we got really loose. Again, I really look forward to hearing this stuff when it airs.

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