New Releases

Howard appears prominently on both harmonica and piano (on 13 tracks) on Bonnie Koloc’s “Timeless”, a new double cd containing mostly live tracks from 30 years of stellar performances with many different musicians. This cd is available at, is her first real album since “With You on my Side” in 1987, and is a must for all her fans.

Another beautiful cd is “Vis-a-Vis” from Siora, a very eclectic band co-led by keyboardist Dan Kleiman and vocalist Phyllis Chappel. Howard appears on 3 tracks on harmonica, bamboo flute, and double ocarina.You can find this fine cd at

Another interesting cd is “Elephant Hotel” from Glen Velez and Lori Cotler. Howard is featured on 2 tracks. One of these, “Sixfold” , is originally from “Border States”, a duo album that Howard and Glen recorded in the 1990’s. Lori composed and sang a vocalese Jazz solo with lyrics to Howard’s harmonica solo on this tune. It is pretty amazing.

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