Make Your Heart a Garden

Make Your Heart a Garden

Make your heart a garden
where things take root and bloom.
Accept the fact that some must die
in Autumn’s afternoon.

Accept the the weight and cold of snow
that falls in Winter’s night.
It melts away in Spring’s sweet thaw
on mornings filled with light.

All time is not a summer
Nature gives and bends.
Your heart will bloom in bursts of song
you think will never end.

The melodies come pouring out
like sweet wine from the glass.
But gradually theses tunes will change-
how true- all things must pass.

But don’t neglect your garden.
Please keep it free of weeds,
and make the soil rich and loose
so life can plant its seeds.

Make your heart a garden
where love can grow and bloom,
and stop to smell the roses
on a Summer afternoon.

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